I love magazines because there are so many different types of magazines, really anyone can find a magazine that they enjoy reading. What intrigues me about niche magazines is that they all organize their content differently.

This week I was particularly paying attention to Do It Yourself, a magazine from the Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications. I found their layout style interesting. It was mostly in a project format. This makes sense for this type of magazine due to the fact that it is a DIY magazine. I was still surprised flipping through, however, because I had never seen a magazine that had so many different projects, tips and tricks, tool suggestions and decorative ideas.

This magazine made me really happy because I was getting a different style from your every day magazine. Do It Yourself was so full of pictures and there was much less writing so it was very pleasing to the eye. The magazine really kept me engaged.

Just flipping through the pages even without reading any of the content I wanted to start doing projects.

The different ways magazines can be laid out and the endless possibilities makes the magazine a very interesting medium. I can’t wait to one day be the person in charge of magazine layout.


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