Tid Bits

If I had to pick whether I liked long feature stories, shorter feature stories, or “tid bit” type stories in a magazine, I would definitely pick the “tid bits.” To me a “tid bit” type story is a a list or some sort of compilation of pictures and small paragraphs. These pieces are usually some sort of project, advice, workout or Q&A.

The reason I love these pieces is because they are quick and fun to read. You can get so much information in such a little amount of time. The information is typically useful too.

In Cosmopolitan’s April 2016 issue, some of my favorite “tid bits” were “Your Clutter, Cleared!” “You Snooze, You win” and “Instant Cancer Check.”

These pieces offered a lot of solid advice on how to organize your makeup and other beauty supplies, how to get more and a better nights sleep, and signs that you may have cancer and how to talk to your doctor about it.

All of these pieces can be read in less than 5 minutes each, and they are all simple things that you can do to improve your life.

I know I will be putting my phone much farther away from my bed, talking to my doctor about ovarian cancer and getting a diner style straw dispenser to store my makeup brushes.

I love the little “tid bits” in magazines, they are the main reason I buy them. I know others like reading them too and one day, I hope to write them.


Hopes and Dreams

I HAVE A DREAM! To one day work for a magazine … Okay, maybe it’s not quite worthy of that line. But I do dream of one day working for a magazine. Recently I had to do a magazine report for my magazine journalism class. For this report we had to pick a magazine and find out all of this information about it, I picked “Dogster” magazine.

Before this assignment I had no idea that there were magazines solely about dogs. Once I saw this magazine I jumped on it, much like a dog jumps on their owners after they get home from a long work day. I looked through the magazine and I loved it! It was literally all about dogs.

Dogs are my favorite thing in the world. They are always happy to see you and can cheer you up on your worst days. Well, at least they do that for me. I follow numerous puppy accounts on Instagram and would happily spend my entire day looking through all of the cute pictures and videos.

Well, enough about what I do in my free time … I would love to work for a dog publication one day and I think “Dogster” would be a great fit for me. I would be able to study dogs, visit with dogs, take pictures with dogs, write stories about dogs, and most importantly pet dogs!**Love-eyed emoji** Also, I would be surrounded by people who have the same feelings I do! They would all be journalists and they would all love dogs. I even read a few comments from the editors saying that they often have cute fuzzy creatures wandering around the office.

“Dogster” magazine also touches on serious subjects about dogs they have articles about the death of a pet, pet sicknesses, and how to properly train and care for your pet in general and in certain specific circumstances. I am the type of person that cares deeply about helping other people and making other people happy, this includes dogs and their owners. Working at “Dogster” would give me the opportunity to research solutions to dog problems and offer advice to dog owners. I couldn’t imagine a more fulfilling career.

This job would be my own personal heaven. I would be surrounded by everything dogs. I couldn’t imagine anything better than working with dogs and fellow lovers of dogs and writers.