Cosmo Advertising – Ads for everyone

cosmo mag cover

“Cosmopolitan” is a magazine that young women from all different backgrounds read. The advertising in their magazine reflects that.

While flipping through “Cosmo,” as it’s also known, you will find a lot of ads. Most ads are for beauty items or clothes. This includes makeup, perfume, face wash, shoes, clothes and accessories.

You will notice that these ads have a lot of variety. There are high end advertisements for products like Sephora and Chanel as well as ads for drug store beauty products like Covergirl and Garnier. This is good news for young women. We can read a magazine that isn’t full of high end products that cost them an arm and a leg.

As a college student, I desire to be able to buy a pair of those $600 featured shoes or the advertised $65 eye-shadow palette one day. These give me ideas of things that I want to work hard and save my money for. The ads allow me to dream and set goals for myself.

Yet, they also have products that I can use as a substitute until I am able to afford those more expensive products. The more common, cheaper brand makeups and shoes. These are all things that I can get now. I don’t have to save to buy them.

It is really encouraging to young women that they advertise products of all qualities and prices. It makes everyone feel included.

Women can say to their friends “I just got that new Covergirl mascara that was advertised on the back page of “Cosmo,” its my new favorite!” They don’t have to feel bad about the fact that they couldn’t afford the $50 mascara from MAC.

It gives young women a chance to feel like they are good enough. They can afford a product that was advertised in a magazine.

The magazine appeals to women like me who can only afford the drugstore beauty products as well as to women who can buy the Guess perfume and Sephora makeup. It reaches everyone. This not only increases the readership of the magazine, but it also allows women to feel connected to other women from different backgrounds.

We all read the same magazine.



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