All this relaxing is stressing me out – Reaction

I read the article “All this relaxing is stressing me out” by Krissy Brady in Cosmopolitan. I really enjoyed this article because it further explained the idea that everyone is different. The fact that one person feels relaxed at the spa doesn’t mean everyone will. People who like to be adventurous may feel more de-stressed after going for a hike. Personally, I would feel exhausted and ready for a nap after a hike, but that shows how this article reins true.

My favorite part of this article was the column on the last page “Relax Better.” This column is very helpful for those people who aren’t sure how to relax. They’ve tried vegging out and watching TV but they just feel more stressed and like they are wasting time. This column explains that there are different activities people can try to do to relax depending on the type of person they are. For example, someone who is creative and likes to start projects may relax their best if they start a blog or color in an adult coloring book. For someone who is very goal oriented, their best way to relax might be to set a goal, like attempting a new hair-do they found on Youtube.

All of the claims that the writer made in the article were backed up by scientific evidence. This really established a credibility with the author and made the reader want to try her suggestions.

I fall into “The Soloist” category of her “Relax Better” column and one of the suggestions was to walk dogs for a local shelter, this is something I am definitely going to try when I feel like I need to relax. I love animals, when I’m stressed out I like to be by myself not surrounded by a lot of people, and going for a walk would give me a little bit of exercise as well. It won’t be too strenuous though, which would be better for those more adventurous people.

The article even dives deeper into ways that you can relax at work. This doesn’t mean taking a cat nap under your desk when  the boss isn’t looking. Someone who needs a break may feel relaxed after going to get a cup of coffee and taking a few minutes away from the work they have piled up on their desk. This isn’t true for everybody though. Some might worry about all of the work they are missing and thinking about all the time they are wasting. Those people may find it more relaxing to take a few minutes and check their email or organize their desk. It is a simple task that they have completed so it will increase their job satisfaction, the article said.

Overall, this article is very useful and is perfectly placed in a magazine that caters to young adults and adults. We all get stressed and finding new, better ways to de-stress will be helpful in making us more successful.


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